Thank You Note Etiquette

Christmas has come and gone, and while we are reflecting on a sweet holiday and enjoying our new gifts, what we cannot forget about is the importance of a handwritten note of thanks. Time is of the essence! Etiquette tells us that thank you notes must be dispatched within three weeks of receiving a gift. Equally important is to personalize your note to the recipient, sharing how you will use their gift, or if you were with them at the time of receiving it, how you enjoyed your time together. Do not send a generic thank you card for a personal gift. Also, if it was a monetary gift (cash, giftcard, etc), do not state the amount of the gift, rather thank the giver for their “generous gift.” Here is an example of how a nice thank you note might read:

Dear Mrs. Dashwood,

     Thank you so much for the lovely linens you and Mr. Dashwood sent us.  It was so kind of you to send us a gift in celebration of our wedding.  They are so very fine, and I look forward to enjoying using them for all occasions for years to come! 

     I learned from Mrs. Knightley that you and Mr. Dashwood will be passing through the countryside in the fall. I do hope your visit will allow for some time for us to get together!

Warm regards,


Keep a supply of personalized stationery, or simple cream or white note cards on hand along with a collection of lovely stamps so you are always at the ready.

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